Thank you for visiting the New Mexico Higher Education Department’s consolidated Dashboard site. The purpose of this site is to display key performance indicators of New Mexico’s 24 higher education institutions: Research universities, regional universities, branch colleges and independent community colleges. This site is provided as a public service for the general public, students and parents, policy-makers and others. Visitors will find links to all of New Mexico’s higher education institutions and access to the NMHED website. The data presented on this dashboard site is generated by the higher education institutions, delivered to the National Center for Education Statistics, and reported through the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. The NMHED may augment the information on this site with data from external sources and other commonly available data, which will be identified. The NMHED is committed to aggressive oversight of New Mexico’s higher education institutions and will be refining this site in the future. For information about higher education, Click Here to go to the Performance Goals site, at http://hed.state.nm.us/researchers/new-mexico-performance-goals.aspx For information, contact NM Higher Education Department